The Computer Department, Inc has been serving the central Illinois area for 25 years, specializing in information technology consulting, support, and development for associations, organizations, and businesses.


Often, the best product we can offer a client is the benefit of over twentyfive years of experience installing and supporting systems. We'll always provide an honest, unbiased opinion regarding your current situation and your options for the future.


We don't sell computers, but as your Computer Department we'll help you research, analyze, and purchase the systems you need, regardless of the brand you prefer.


An effective way of optimizing system resources is through networking. Sharing things such as drives, printers and an Internet connection can help make the most of your computer investments. Workgroups to WANs, we install and support networks.


The Computer Department writes professional program applications to meet your needs, whether they be few or many. No matter if it is a simple program to print tickets like we did for the Lincoln Home National Historical Site or an Internet program to manage your employee benefits for all your locations across the city, state or region like we did for Highland Ventures, LTD (Family Family Stores), Contact us for information about how we can help your business manage data and services for all kinds of needs.

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Our DEPOSIT & LOAN SYSTEM software (aka DLS/DLS Online) is the premiere deposits/loans/pool investment fund software package for non-profit organizations that need to manage these accounts to their child organizations and report back to their accounting system. DLS Financials has been serving the needs of Catholic Dioceses around the United States for 22+ years and is the best in its class. Designed by the needs of over 65 dioceses to fit their specific needs.

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Our SeeBenefits software was designed for the Family Video Store chain based here in Springfield, IL before they changed to Highland Ventures, LTD. The program is still used by them today to allow employees at all their locations to log in and see information about their benefits, apply for the benefits that they want, and manage their benefits during their employment with the company. Employees that enroll in insurance plans will have their applications uploaded directly to the companies based upon just one enrollment process saving time, supplies, and money.

Tour Ticket Control

Written for the unique needs of the United States Park Services, the Tour Ticket Control software allows the rangers to manage the number and size of the tours through our 16th President's home here in Springfield, IL. Keeping track of scheduled tour groups, special needs, and counts to the park and home for management of the property, the system is able to be used on a touchscreen computer or Windows tablet in the future.

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